Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching you may be wondering what to get your special someone this year to celebrate your love.  Well, we’ve thought of that too! Here is a breakdown of some of the more popular gifts this year – for men and women – that are sure to say, “I love you” in all the right ways! Oh, and don’t forget about our annual Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

One of the biggest trends in gift giving in recent years is personalization!  Folks are having everything customized for their sweetie from candy hearts to M&M’s, books and even, yep you guessed it, booze!  …Which brings us to our first gift idea.

Toast the one you love this year with “Valentine Wine Art” – available at several online locations.  This novel product is available in various “loving” designs.  Crafted by artisans who hand-etch a design on each bottle individually, each piece is then skillfully hand-painted, creating a stunning piece of artwork to admire as you savor the delicious wine. Each bottle is then personalized with your own custom message!

A perfect gift for him or her this Valentine’s Day – and one of the top picks this season – is personalized candy.  In particular, a Valentine’s Day Gift Box with Personalized M&M’s!  A variety of gift packages with personalized M&M’s are available for order direct from the candy maker!

We absolutely love this one!  How about a “Boredom Buster Care Package”?  The Boredom Buster Care Package brings hours of fun and distraction to your lucky gift recipient! Who wouldn’t love brain-teasing games, yummy candy treats, playing cards, puzzle books, snack mixes, cookies, and more!  Available from lots of online locations and local retailers!

An old standard of course that never looses its appeal is the classic Dinner Cruise!  The Adirondacks area is rich with opportunities here from Lake George to the Great Sacandaga.  Imagine romantic dinner & dancing wile cruising the rivers and lakes that are among the Adirondacks’ most beautiful natural treasures!  What better way to say “I love you”?  Look for special rates for Valentine’s Day!

Gift Baskets simply cannot be over-rated!  Popular this year is the Champagne & Truffles Gift Basket.  Nothing says “celebration” like Champagne & Truffles! There’s a reason they’re so often served together; they’re the perfect pair!  Arranged in most Champagne & Truffles Gift Baskets you’ll find an assortment of award-winning chocolates and truffles from around the world to compliment the bottle of Champagne you choose (in most cases).  This awesome gift idea is available from several online locations.

Romantic Ideas for Him

Personalized Boxer Shorts!  Okay so underwear may not seem like the most exciting gift in the world but hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!  Be adventurous!  Guys love to get luxurious stuff as much as women – call it a guilty pleasure – they just don’t talk about it as much!  Gift him the gift of comfort – and sexiness – with personalized silk boxers!

Personal grooming products may not seem very romantic either, but this new twist by The Plum Island Soap Company is a novel and fun idea for your man!  Give your man the “The Man Can” – a spicy, sensual variety of manly bath products!  Filled with all-natural soap and bath accessories, “The Man Can” is packaged in a shiny silver paint can and includes a “strapping” bar of soap, zesty Bay Rum body oil, an invigorating bath mitt, and a jar of Fisherman’s Hand Butter to soothe hard-earned calluses.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  And to that end there’s simply no substitute for beer!  A new twist on the “something of the month club” idea is the “Microbrew Of The Month Club”!  Recipients receive 12 bottles of premium microbrews in four varieties every month from award-winning breweries nationwide. Check online for deals offering free shipping and gift messages with orders.

Fantasy experiences are all the rage these days.  They suggest that to make a truly lasting impression, you gotta give your man something he’ll remember for the rest of his life.  We agree!  …How about something like, say, the “Ultimate Stock Car Ride-Along”?  Your man can experience the real life thrill of racing by riding shotgun in a genuine NASCAR stock car driven by a professional instructor!  He’ll hit speeds of over 150 MPH in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Following in the same theme, but on the somewhat pricier side of gifts for your man is a recent but very popular trend, the “Fighter Pilot for a Day” package!  Let your man experience the thrill of air-to-air combat!  After attending a complete “briefing” covering formation flying, gun sight tracking, and aerial combat maneuvers, your man will don his flight suit and board an actual fighter plane for a simulated dog fight where he will actually get to fly! No flight experience necessary!  Talk about something he will remember for the rest of his life, huh?  Imagine how grateful he will be!  …Better yet, imagine how many chores you can get him to agree to!

Romaintic Ideas for Her

Sure, you can go with the old standard, flowers and chocolates.  But why not celebrate your love for her this year with an arrangement you both can enjoy, and something that warms the heart as well as the tummy.  We’re talking, of course, about the ever-so-clever Edible Arrangement!  These popular arrangements are available for delivery with a number of personalization options! Giver her something unique that will delight her visually and entice her taste buds!  These arrangements can be made out of fruits, candies and even cookies!  MMM mmm!

And what woman doesn’t love a sentimental gift?  Think poetry!  There are lots of keepsakes out there that offer a personalized way to capture your sentiments of love, friendship and everlasting commitment through verse, such as a Poetry Rose Dome with Personalized Love Poem.  This keepsake is a beautiful glass dome over a parchment containing a personalized poem for your loved one and decorated with real preserved roses in a variety of colors.

Following in the same theme, what says “love” better than a rose?  Now you can give one that will last forever!  A popular choice among lovers this season is the 24 Karat Gold-Plated Rose!  This is a unique take on an old standard and it never gets old or withered!  Artisans actually take a live, long-stem rose and dip it in gold, creating an exquisite expression of your everlasting love!

Of course, when celebrating your love for her you can never go wrong with jewelry!  Ever so much more than flowers or chocolate, jewelry is a lasting expression of your timeless commitment, shared friendship and passion.  The secret here is to choose a piece you’ll know she’ll love.  Don’t just go with what’s pretty.  Giving jewelry should be an expression, not just of how much you love her, but of how much you know her by her tastes and desires.  Popular collections this year include Jane Seymour’s Open Hearts Collection; Eternity Diamond Ring sets celebrating Faith, Hope And Love; and personalized engraved diamond rings and pendants, available in numerous styles from retailers everywhere.

On the experiential side of gifts for women, another favorite you can bet on is the ever-popular Spa Getaway!  Let’s face it, who doesn’t love to be pampered?  There are lots of resorts and day spas in the Adirondacks that specialize in catering to your lover’s every personal whim and leaving them with a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation!  What better way to show you care – especially if your special lady is a mom!

From the area’s many shopping malls, unique gift boutiques and local artisans, you’re sure to find something to say, “I love you” in that very special way that only you can.  One of the aspects that make the Great Sacandaga Lake area such a treasure is its rich culture, history, and abundance of ways to enjoy its natural beauty while also celebrating the love you and your special someone share!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!