Sacandaga Water Level

During the majority of the months of the year we will post the daily water levels for the Great Sacandaga Lake.  Water levels are important to know for boaters as well as for those considering camping lakeside and those visitors wishing to use the Sacandaga beaches and day use facilities.

Current Water Elevation: 766.60 Feet

Updated July 22nd 2014 at 10:44 pm

Water level ruler for the Great Sacandaga Lake

Fill Capacity
The reservoir’s fill capacity is at an elevation of 77l.0 ft.

High Water Level
High water levels are expected from late spring through early fall. The Sacandaga is at its highest in May and June, with a median high of 768 ft. in elevation for the year.

Medium Water Level
Water levels are normally in the “Medium” range in mid-spring and mid-fall.

Low Water Level
Sacandaga later levels are expected to be low from late fall through early spring. The water level is at its lowest between February and March, with a median yearly low around 745 ft. in elevation.

Where Do We Get This Information?
Our water level information is pulled from USGS web site which supplies daily measurements collected from the Conklingville Dam.

Disclaimer: Our water level data is maintained to the best of our ability. Though it is usually accurate, we cannot guarantee it accuracy. The Hudson River-Black River Regulating District, which monitors and controls the water levels, may lower the water level without notice.

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