Northville, NY

The Village Northville was incorporated in 1873, setting itself off from the Town of Northampton. It was once a booming tourist destination due to its location near the Sacandaga Park, but much of this area now rests underwater due to the construction of the Conklingville dam in 1929. The dam was built to prevent flooding further south along the Sacandaga River, and the Great Sacandaga Lake was formed as a result. Northville, along with the other towns around the lake, is now an all-season tourist destination for all types of outdoor activities, including boating, camping, hunting, snowmobiling, and more.

Northampton Ambulance

In an emergency, please dial 911
P.O. Box 155
Northville, NY 12134

Northville Fire Department

In an emergency, please dial 911
182 South Main St.
PO BOX 756
Northville, N.Y. 12134
Non-emergency Phone Number: (518) 863-4044

Northville Central School

PO Box 608, Third Street
Northville, NY 12134

For more information, please visit the Village of Northville’s official website.

The X-Files

Northville, New York was the setting of a 1997 two-part episode of the television series The X-Files. In the two episodes, Tempus Fugit and Max, a passenger plane carrying a former alien abductee, crashed into the ground near the village of Northville. Mulder and Scully were called to investigate after reports of the plane being forced down by a U.F.O. The X-Files team investigates and soon discovers a UFO at the bottom of the Great Sacandaga Lake. You can read more about these episodes and their inspiration on our blog.

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