Wedding Checklist

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but if you are going to wing it, or are disorganized, things can get ugly fast and can cost you valuable time and money. To make your wedding day go as smooth as possible, we have created a wedding checklist designed to keep you on track and ease you through the wedding planning process.

6 Months or More Before Your Wedding

Decide on a budget Weddings can be extremely expensive, so if you don’t set limits ahead of time, it’s easy to get carried away

Start looking at reception venues and ceremony locations – You can’t do a whole lot until you’ve secured a location for your big day.

Pick a date and time – Don’t forget to check with your close family, wedding party, reception site, and officiant before finalizing the date to avoid conflicts.

Start shopping for a dress Alterations can take months, so start shopping early.

Hire a wedding planner – If you’re planning a large event, you’re going to want some help.

Choose your bridesmaids & groomsmen Pick your flower girl and ring bearer too, if you’re having them.

Start writing out a guest list – Even if you haven’t decided on the size of your wedding, start writing down names of guests you would like to invite. You can always trim guests once you’ve decided, but you’re bound to forget someone if you wait too long to make the list.

Choose a theme or general feel for your wedding Browse through wedding magazines and websites for ideas.

Pick your wedding colors Be sure to give your bridesmaids plenty of time to order their dresses.

Decide how many guests you will be inviting – Based on your budget and any seating limitations at your venue, decide on how many guests you can reasonable afford to invite. Start trimming your guest list, keeping in mind who is on your B-List in case a lot of people can’t make it.

Send out Save-the-Dates – Send them out about 6 months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, or if your wedding is during a busy holiday weekend, send them out 8 months before the big day. If you already know your wedding colors and/or theme, this is a great way to give your guests a peek of what you have in store for them!

Start getting quotes Shop around for your DJ or Band, research wedding photographers, and talk to florists. Begin to talk to caterers about pricing.

Start thinking about your wedding invitations Incorporate your wedding’s theme into the invitation design. The invitations say a lot about the atmosphere of your wedding.

4-5 Months Before Your Big Day

Sit down with your budget and quotes in hand Decide if you have to make some cuts. Start by writing out a priority list of what is important to you. From there, figure out how you can save some money by compromising on your lower-priority costs. We have a great wedding budget guide full of creative ideas on saving money.

Choose your vendors Based on your budgeting decisions, pick your vendors, make your deposits, and sign any contracts as needed.

Send out those invites – Send them out early enough that you can mail out B-list invites if necessary (about 4 months before the wedding.)

2-3 Months Prior to the Wedding Day

Make sure that all of your attendants have bought their dresses – Don’t forget any matching shoes or accessories that you have picked out.

Register for wedding gifts If you haven’t done so.

Finalize special music – Such as your first dance, father-daughter dance, etc.

6 Weeks to Go

Attend a final gown fitting

Test hairstyles and makeup – find the perfect look for your wedding day

Research marriage license guidelines for your area

Submit your wedding announcement to newpapers

Purchase gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen

Write thank-you’s for all of your bridal shower gifts

3-4 Weeks Before Tying the Knot

Get a final haircut – if necessary

Finalize and print ceremony programs

Send out rehearsal dinner invitations

Create a list of songs for your DJ or Band – Also include a list of things not to play, if you desire.

Confirm wedding night and honeymoon reservations

Pick up your wedding bands – If you are getting them inscribed, be sure to check the inscriptions before you leave the store.

Work out wedding day details – and assign tasks to bridesmaids and family

1-2 Weeks, Just Around the Corner

Work out wedding day details – and assign tasks to bridesmaids and family

Give your final head count to your caterer – Confirm your menu items, location of buffet tables, etc.

Confirm details with your vendors – Time and place, special instructions, payment amounts, etc.

Get your manicure and pedicure – And confirm any beauty appointments for your wedding day.

1-2 Days Before Your Special Day

Gather all wedding attire – Gown, veil, shoes, jewelry, garter, stockings..and an emergency kit with makeup, safety pins, mints, asprin, etc.

Rehearse the ceremony – Make sure everyone knows their queues, where to stand, how slowly to walk, etc.

Enjoy your rehearsal dinner – Time to relax! Enjoy the time with family and friends, but don’t drink to much.

Get some beauty sleep!

On the Big Day

Be Prepared – Groomsmen should have a needle and thread on hand in-case of broken buttons

Leave Early – Don’t wait to last minute to leave for the wedding venue. Build in time for traffic or other unforeseen delays.

It’s Natural to be Nervous – Don’t worry about being nervous, it’s perfectly natural to feel anxiety, after all the running around over the last few months.

Have a Drink – Of water that is, keep hydrated.  You have a long day ahead of you with the ceremony and reception and staying hydrated will help.

Enjoy the Reception – Everything will be happening so fast, so don’t forget to slow down, enjoy your meal, drink your Champagne and remember what your cake tasted like.

Live happily ever after! – Best wishes from all of us at