Nothing is better than heading out on your bike for a nice ride while immersed in the picturesque landscape of the Adirondacks. Whether you are taking it off-road with your mountain bike, going out on a long-distance ride around the Adirondack lakes, or just leisurely peddling around the campgrounds surrounding the Sacandaga. The Adirondack mountain region is the perfect biking destination for all levels, including challenging hill climbs for the experienced cyclist.

Trail Etiquette, Rules & Safety Tips

  • Be Courteous to others, take care when passing
  • Don’t litter! Carry in and carry out your trash, or deposit in recepticles
  • Please follow recommended usage times for your safety
  • No motorized vehicles
  • Wear a helmet, head injuries are serious and can happen to anyone
  • Bring the proper gear:  The Adirondack weather can change quickly and it is better to be prepared
    • Rain gear
    • Map & Compass
    • First Aid Kit
    • Pump & Patch Kit
    • Sufficient Water Supply
  • It is better to bike with others than alone
  • Make sure your cell phone is charged, but don’t rely on this as a safety net.  Cell services can be limited
  • Do a safety check of your bike before your ride

Sacandaga Area Bike Trails & Paths

FJ&G Rail Trail

Built on the footprint of an old rail road that served the Johnstown & Gloversville area in the 1870′ to 1880’s, this rail trail is available to cyclists, rollerblading, cross-country skiing, and walking/jogging during the daylight hours.  The span stretches roughly 8 miles between the two glove cities, with an additional 1.7 mile stretch near the Fulton County Visitors Center.  There is a proposed connection between the two sections and even discussions to connect with the Eire Canal pathway in Montgomery County.

Start point: Union Ave. – Johnstown, NY with Additional access point on Harrison St.
End Point: Dannie’s Crossing (intersection of Rts. 349 & 154)- Gloversville, NY

Speculator Loop Mountain Bike Trail Forest

The Speculator Loop consists of 2 loops totaling 20.9 miles of biking trail.

The Outer loop: This is an easy to intermediate level trail with a total length of 13.7 miles. The trail starts at the Speculator Ball Field

The  Inner Loop: Also called the Kunjamuk Cave Loop is 7.2 miles, and contains sections that are more difficult.  The inner loop starts 0.2 miles past Elm Lake Road, just off the paved section of the road as well as off the north side of Old Route 30.

Trail Rules

  • The trail is open may 15th to October 12th.
  • No hiking or horses on bike trails.
  • Trash: please carry it out if you carried it in.
  • Stay on designated Mountain Bike trail. Failure to do so will result in loss of riding privileges and possibly the trail system.