Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Choosing a real estate agent, whether you are selling your home or looking to buy a home, can be confusing and difficult choice. First, it is important that you choose someone that you are comfortable dealing with, since you will most likely be in-contact with your agent on a regular basis to get feedback on an open house or showing. A real estate agent is responsible for selling or helping you find & purchase one of your largest investments, for this reason you should do your research and interview several agents. below are some useful questions to ask a Realtor before you decide on using their services.

Questions to Ask a Potential Real Estate Agent

  1. How many years of full-time services do they have?
  2. If a broker, how many agents work under them?
  3. Do they have an office location or do they operate out of a home?
  4. How many homes, properties etc. have they sold in the past year?
  5. What was the average price of the homes they sold?
  6. What is their real estate commission?
  7. Do they participate with the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?
  8. If you are not happy, can you end the relationship without any strings attached?
  9. What types of advertising do they do?
  10. Do they have a local website, and can people find the site for real estate search terms?

These are just a few questions that will come in handy during your interview.  Getting references from them is another valuable way of finding out directly from past clients how their experience was with the agent/broker.  For other real estate resources, visit our Adirondack & Sacandaga real estate page to browse listings of property, area realtors, real estate checklists, mortgage brokers as well as other valuable real estate services.