Meeting Minutes – July 24, 2012

In attendance:
Janice L. Hawk-Baldwin – Hawk Drilling Co.Inc.
Shannon Gray – Adirondack Abstract
Jeff Gray – Adirondack Abstract
Bob Campbell – Edinburg Marina
Caitlin Abbott –
Celeste Knobel – Captain Nauti’s

  1. Minutes: A motion was made by Jeff Gray to accept the minutes as posted on the website. This was seconded by Celeste Knobel.
  2. Treasurers Report: Doug Sterling was out of town and not available for a report. The only additional expenses to date should be based upon the payout for a fish. It was noted that two additional fish were brought into Fuel and Food via a phone call to Janice from Lou Stutzke. Another one was reported to be brought into Fullers although this was not confirmed. Doug Sterling verbally announced at the last meeting that he would like to step down as treasurer. Based upon this information a motion was made by Jeff Gray to combine the position of Secretary and Treasurer until the end of the year. The motion was seconded by Celeste Knobel. Janice has already talked to Doug about getting the books.
  3. Tagged Fish Contest: To date five fish have been caught for a pay out of $ 1500.00. Questions have come up regarding the pay out of fish. Bob Cmpbell is double checking with Lou Stutzke about the process to ensure continuity.
  4. Dam Tie Up: The date is August 11 (raindate 18) from 12-5. Jeff Gray is calling DeJong Septic for the port a potties for the event. He has also alked with MaryAnn Johnson ( Town Supervisor Day) and she is going to contact the Sheriffs to ensure their presence at the dam. Bob Campbell will also follow up with the Sheriff. Brian Phillips had lawn signs made up with the date and time of the tie up. They are being distributed around the lake. A motion was made to take out an ad in the Express. Jeff Gray is following up with that. 250 tee shirts were ordered for the tie up. They will be sold for $ 15.00 each. Tom Gray and Brian Phillips will be selling shirts. Hawk Drilling is donating the use of a generator. A check is needed the day of the event to pay the DJ. Janice has said if we can not get a check in advance due to the switch over of treasurer Hawk Drilling will write a check and she will get reimbursed.
  5. Sand Island Party: This event will be held on September 8 (raindate 15) Since this is the tenth annual Sand Island party we plan to see tee shirts. Bob is going to work with Clear Image to come up with event tee shirts.
  6. Chowderfest: This event will be held on October 6 at Captain Nauti’s. Celeste and her staff will contact area restaurants/bars around the lake for Chowder submissions. Pat Decker is playing at this event.
  7. Redneck Cocktail Party: This event will be held on October 18, the Thursday night before the official opening day of northern zone hunting season. It will once again be held at the Sport Island Pub. Janice is going to try to get Aaron Mitler to play. Celeste will get her the number. Any ideas for auction items are welcome. Suggestions to date are digital scales, ladder stands, gift baskets and ATV Gun rack. We will once again be reaching out to our membership for donations.
  8. The Sacandaga Protection Committee: To date approximately $ 15,000 was raised for the SPC. Next years party will be held July 12 and the event will be held in a tent at Lanzi’s.
  9. Web page Update: Caitlin Abbott has said she would set up the webpage. Bob Campbell has given her some information to get started.
  10. Snowmobile Trail: Bob Campbell has been working with the snowmobile club and NYS to develop an Edinburg trail. Permission has been obtained from all of the land owners. Bob, Jeff and others will go out and get way points on the trail and Jeff will take this information to Saratoga County.
  11. The next meeting will be August 28 at 6:00 at Captain Nauti’s.
  12. Adjournment: Jeff Gray made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Celeste Knobel seconded it.

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