Adirondack Winter Romance Guide

A wintery landscape festooned with rolling, snow-covered hills, a picturesque log cabin in the woods, a roaring fire in the hearth, two glasses of wine, the dulcet tones of soft jazz playing in the background, a cozy blanket under which to share the scene with your special someone … ah, love! Few things give us better excuse to cozy up with our beloved than the Adirondacks in winter!

There is little about the Adirondacks that doesn’t evoke a sense of wonder and romance. Indeed despite the harshness of winter in the Northeast, the Great Sacandaga Lake area offers among the most romantic and scenic getaways in the whole country.

While some – the faint of heart in our opinion – may have the instinct to flee to Florida during the cold months, those more accustomed – or perhaps the more acclimated – know that there is an inescapable allure to the Adirondacks that, like a warm fire in the hearth of a mountain getaway, can kindle passion and romance in a way that perhaps no sandy beach can.

Alright, so that point may be arguable. Still, if you’re the resilient sort, can appreciate the romance of a winter interlude, and have been looking for the perfect way to celebrate the love between you and your special someone, you need look no further than our own backyard.

With an amazing variety of getaways, shopping, activities and surroundings, our area has just about everything to offer that can help you put the fire back in the hearth of your relationship. So, just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are some ideas to help you spice things up this winter!

Romantic Winter Activities in the Adirondacks

Sure, there’s the obvious choice; take your lover and steel away on a jet plane to some place tropical. But we thought it would be nice to consider some of the more local – and infinitely cheaper – options for putting some pizzazz in your partnership this winter. Heck, let’s face it, we don’t all of us have the money to jet off to some sandy beach. And there are many of us – yes it’s true – that would actually prefer to explore the local entertainments. So we offer this guide as a salute to you, loyal denizens of romance and recreation!

Take your partner Ice Skating! Oh heck yeah! Think of it, hold each other close so you don’t fall down, spend the time laughing as you whirl around a rink, frozen pond or perhaps the Great Sacandaga itself, whispering sweet nothings to each other as you try to keep your balance. The thrill alone will stir adrenaline, adrenaline leads to… well, other activities that come later that evening!

Nuzzle up close to your lover and enjoy the thrill of a romp in the snow on a snowmobile! Zoom along any of the Adirondacks’ thousands of winter trails and find a spot all to yourselves, break out the provisions and have a romantic winter picnic in the woods, just the two of you, with hot beverages and soup! Top it off with some smooching and you’ll be racing home – or maybe staying put just a little bit longer – before you know it!

If you’re both the sporting type, there’s also ice fishing, which given winters in the Northeast can be a real adventure! The cold gives you ample reason to cozy up to each other. Pass the time sharing memories, hot beverages and soup. The reward of course is a fanciful meal you can prepare together when you get home!

One thing the Great Sacandaga area has no shortage of is skiing! Consider hitting the slopes together this winter! At any of the area’s many ski resorts there’s plenty to do within your skill level. And remember mountains in winter aren’t just for skiing anymore! There’s also snowboarding and tubing too! Not to mention, if it’s romance you’re after, many of the area’s ski resorts and lodges have romantic getaway deals this time of year worth looking into! And there’s nothing more relaxing or romantic that huddling up next to the fire in your lodge accommodations after a full and exciting day of fun on the slopes! …Not to mention the food! Oh MAN, have you tasted the food at these places? …Just our opinion & all but, wow!

Want to stay closer to home but still enjoy the outdoors? Take your lover sledding! Recall the fun and sheer abandon of your childhood years while giving your partner a reason to grab on tight! For added romance, we recommend sledding by moonlight! And when you get to the bottom of the hill, have a snowball fight – it’s an awesome excuse to “make up” later! Think about it, the adrenaline will keep you warm and stir your passions!

There is an abundance of beautiful, charming and low-cost cottages and cabins for rent in our area where a couple seeking romance can loose touch with the outside world. Find one of many local bed & breakfasts, cozy cottage or cabin resorts – especially one that features a Jacuzzi, sauna or steam shower for added benefit – and loose yourself in the pampering, romance and relaxation! Build a nice cozy fire in the fireplace or wood stove and snuggle up, away from the kids, away from the mundane pressures of your average days. Also, in and around whatever cabin, resort, B&B or hotel you pick, there’s likely to be an abundance of nightlife and things to do to help round out that perfect winter getaway.

“It (the Adirondacks area) is so quiet and peaceful (in winter),” says Kevin Ferguson, Part owner of the Adirondack Escape, “…in fact there are a number of bars and restaurants open yet and now that we have the snow, it’s even nicer.”

There’s a lot more, of course, even if you find your budget low or would rather stay home. Send the kids away to a sitter and enjoy a romantic dinner you both prepare together, followed by candlelight dancing and a rented movie. It makes the perfect at-home romantic interlude!

Following in the at-home getaway line of thinking, if jetting away to that sandy beach is on both your minds but is not in the budget, then create an at-home, indoor oasis! Crank up the heat, dig out a beach blanket, wear swim suits and shades, rub suntan lotion on each other… ooooh the possibilities!

If the man in your relationship is not so faint-of-heart about shopping, you can certainly enjoy the adventure of going to one of our many area shopping malls and picking out “adventurous” clothing for each other. You can reward him by including a trip to Victoria’s Secret!

For something a little more low-key but that still gets you out of the house for a while, here’s something we recommend for a simple excursion, especially if the two of you are book lovers! Hang out in one of the area’s many bookstores from large retailers like Barnes & Noble to small booksellers and bookstores. You can freely browse interesting titles and read together on the couches and sitting areas. Follow your book adventure with a trip to a local coffee shop or any one of the area’s many celebrated restaurants.

No matter what you like to do, the important thing is that you keep romance in the air, no matter how chilly the air outside is!