Memorial Day – A Weekend of Remembrance

Most Americans take a break from the daily grind to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend by spending quality time with their families, whether it is a day out on the lake, barbecuing in their back yards or simply enjoying the sun and a day off.   With all the fun, good food and time off, it is easy to forget that it is with the great commitment of the brave men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces that the majority of us have this luxury to enjoy these simple pleasures.

Memorial Day is set aside to ensure that it should never be forgotten, that these simple pleasures have come with the great sacrifice of thousands of American Soldiers who have lost their lives in the defense of our Country and the freedoms of others around the world.

Our local residents have risen in the defense of our country for over 200 years,  including during the Revolutionary War under General Phillip Schuyler.  During the Civil War, regiments were created with residents from all the counties surrounding the Sacandaga to create the the 115th NY Infantry Regiment know as “The Iron Hearted” .  Throughout WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Post Vietnam/Cold War Era conflicts, Iraq and Afghanistan the soldiers of our local communities have sacrificed and served with honor and distinction.

It is no surprise that with such a long history of military service in our area that our communities are full of military families, military veterans, active duty military, reservists and guardsmen from all branches of the military.

Soldiers and families that have lost a loved one in the service of our County’s military should be deeply honored and appreciated.  If you have a flag, display it proudly this Memorial Day to honor and remember those Soldiers who have fallen and those who remain unknown.

Please check your local papers, local government websites and our events calendar for memorial services and parades that will be held this weekend.

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