The Glove Theatre; a Community Gem

Ah the theater!  Who doesn’t love spending an evening at a play or musical?  …Okay, okay, so maybe it’s not for everyone.  But for those of us who do relish the experience, the Great Sacandaga Lake area does offer quite a theatrical buffet!

Local theater is a much-unsung gem in our community.  From celebrating the works of local playwrights, to bringing us the thrill of the obscure and under-rated, to showcasing the classics, there is a sense of both intimacy and culture in community theater.

Downtown Gloversville boasts one of the more historic theaters in our region, the Glove Theatre.  The Glove Theatre presents an impressive variety of musical performances, comedies, family shows, along with cultural and holiday shows.

Built in 1914, the Glove Theatre has undergone many changes and face lifts in its day.  Through the 1940s and 50s the Glove went from showcasing live performances such as opera, vaudeville shows and orchestral concerts, to being more of a movie theater.  Once upon a time it was the entertainment venue in Fulton and Montgomery counties!  It saw its decline however in the 60s, finally closing its doors in the 1970s.

Happily, the theater was saved from demolition in 1995 and has re-invigorated the community!  Today the Glove celebrates its heritage with a museum complete with displays celebrating its past.  For more information about the Glove Theatre, visit their website ( or call (518) 773-8255.

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