Farmers Markets – A Treasure of Local Goods!

Ah the great tradition returns!  Fresh, locally grown produce, hard-to-find items and unique gifts & treasures are something we all miss about the warmer months!  Here in the Sacandaga area we are very fortunate to have a long history of family owned farms that produce everything from sun ripened strawberries to sweet ears of corn.  Without our local farmers our family picnics and outdoor barbecues would lack the flavors that we have know to be associated with summer.

Not only is our area full of agricultural wonders but we also have a rich history of local artisans that use their skills (usually passed down from other generations), imagination and often a love of nature to create wonderful items to wear, eat and enjoy.  Take a trip to your local farmers’ market to see people selling handmade Adirondack chairs and rustic furniture, nature inspired wood carvings crafted with hand tools and even chain saws! Spread your artisan bread with fruit jellies and jams made from berries and fruits picked on farms and in woodlands, leather goods, clothing, and cheese to accompany locally produced wines. The list goes on, but don’t take our word for it, see it for yourself.

Our Local Farmers’ Markets

Farers Market Road SignThere are a number of area markets that open in our area, many starting in May and carrying through to the fall.  One prime example of quality artisan goods and farm fresh produce are the farmers’ markets run by the Fulton-Montgomery Farmer’s Market Association, which hosts several local farmers’ markets in the Fulton and Montgomery County areas.  They operate 3 main markets including the Gloversville Farmers’ Market at Trail Station Park, which opens in early May and runs through mid October. the Johnstown Farmers’ Market in the Johnstown Hotel lot which opens late May and runs through late October, and the Amsterdam Farmers’ Market which is operates in the parking lot next to the TruValue hardware in down town and at the Sanford Farms lot in the Price Chopper Plaza.

The Canajoharie-Palentine Bridge Farmers’ Market is open mid May through late October at Fort Plain at Willet St. next to True Value and in Canajoharie at Mohawk St. & Rte. 10.

To learn about specific times of operation and offerings, click on the links above which will bring you to each farmers market’s page.

Shop Local

In additional to farmers’ markets, you can always find local farm stands along the highways and at the local farms in and around the counties surrounding the Sacandaga Lake.  If you have to go shopping for produce, or a specialty food item, look to your local community farmers and artisans to fill your shopping bag (re-usable eco-friendly bag we hope) with all the wholesome goodness that our area has to offer.

We are always looking for other listings for our Farmer’s market section, if you know of one we haven’t listed or operate a farmer’s market, call or email us to list it on